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The Little Big Red

Commonly Asked Questions:

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Q: Is the "Little Big Red" called "little" because it's smaller than the 1st Edition 1st
Printing Big Book?  And you mentioned that it commemorates the 2nd edition too. How? What exactly am I getting ? I'm very interested but a little confused. Is it an entire first printing reprint "with added stuff" from the 2nd too, or is it something different? Maybe I missed it in the description. Thanks.

A:  Yes, the outside of this special reprint looks like the original 1st Edition/1st Printing Big Book (with the red cloth cover, gold gilt lettering, and the alternate "Pathway" dust jacket that was originally proposed before Bill W. decided to use the well-known "Circus" dust jacket instead). But the size and content of this special reprint are a 2nd Edition/1st Printing Big Book. Thus, this is a "Little Big Red"!  The only thing added is a "timeline of signatures" honoring those men who were instrumental in the ultimate formation of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program: Carl Jung, Rowland Hazard, Rev. Shoemaker, Ebby Thacher, Bill Wilson, Dr. Silkworth, Dr. Bob, and Bill Dotson (The Man on the Bed --- A. A. #3). We also reproduced legendary AAer Clarence Snyder's iconic inscription and signature at the top of his story on page 297 ("Home Brewmeister"), just as he always did:  "Read 2nd Cor. 5 - 17 & remember it!!" You're going to love holding this little Big Book! Thanks for your question! ---


Q: Hi; What is the size of these books?

A:  The Little Big Red is exactly the same size as the 2nd Edition/1st Printing Big Book first printed and introduced in 1955!


Q:  Hi, I am a collector of AA Literature and have never heard of the alternate dust
jacket for the First/First. First, can you tell me more about it, and second, would you
sell me a reprint of it? Thank You & Keep Trudging!

A:  Please see: A. A. History - The Big Book Goes to Press (scroll down to "Circus
Dust Jacket").  Also see a photo of this historic dust jacket at:  A photographic journey through its history  ... This first-ever reprint of the "Pathway" dust jacket you see here on the brand new "Little Big Red" book is available only on each of these limited- edition books; no "extras" or overruns were printed.

Q:  Is this a 2nd edition reprint or a 1st edition reprint? It is not clearly stated. I'm
confused. Thanks.

A: Yes Sir, I can see how you might be confused because no one's ever seen a Big
Book like this before! As the photos show, this is a high-quality reprint of a 2nd
Edition/1st Printing Big Book, EXCEPT that it has the well-known red-cloth cover and gold gilt lettering of a 1st Edition/1st Printing Big Book --- all wrapped up in the
alternate "Pathway" dust jacket almost used on the first Big Red in 1939! Quite a
package --- and strictly limited too! Thank you for your question!

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